Hello World!

So first post ah?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Benjamin Pinaya and I am 21, currently finishing mechatronics engineering at UCB (La Paz - Bolivia). It’s going to be one year since I started working at CodeRoad (a.k.a. TierConnect), cool place to work if you ask me, a lot of great minds gathered together to make quite good software.

From now on this is going to be my personal blog, the subject is not quite defined so far, but I guess it is going to be quite a mixture, some topics might be:

  • Electronics, Robotics and Open Hardware (let’s not forget Arduino)
  • Open Software
  • Programming
  • 3D Printing and design
  • Technology in general
  • Personal thoughts
  • Memes (Well… maybe?)

As for the Why: beyond the obvious financial motivation, it’s exceedingly simple… because I can (naaa… that’s just a part from a good mologue in Inside Man). But yeah, I am writing this blog so that I have some place to share the little I know about things, to keep my writing skills at a good level and also to help as much as I can.

I am thinking on writing some post about setting things up in DigitalOcean + Ghost, but there are so many!!! Maybe I will write one in Spanish, I haven’t seen so many of them so far.

Over and out!

UPDATE: While I first set this blog up on Ghost + DigitalOcean I’ve latter migrated to Github Pages + Jekyll and I am currently on Hugo + Netlify.

“If debugging is the process of removing software bugs, then programming must be the process of putting them in.”

– Edsger Dijkstra (Dutch computer scientist, winner of the 1972 Turing Award)

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