Thoughts on 2014

So this year is almost done and I thought I would summarize it in some lines.

This 2014 was awesome, it really was. Even though I didn’t do most of the things I wanted, I would say I did the best ones. First things first, I finished my career… kind of… things over here are not always what one would like, bureaucracy made my life quite complicated but in the end it doesn’t even matter. By the way I studied mechatronics engineering, and I have notes and projects I want to share, but that will be in the near future.

One important milestone: I got the Fulbright!

So I really wanted that scholarship, I wanted it since I was 17 I guess, I wanted it so badly that everything I did during the next five years was thinking on how it would help my application, and I guess it did. I will write some posts latter, both in spanish and english, giving some useful tips. You can read more about this scholarship here.

I left my job because I wanted to study for the GRE (Graduate Record Examination) and time was running out so fast. I guess I want to focus more on some personal projects and so many other things that include coding and mechatronics (like IOT, embedded devices, ARM, etc.). Since I am 22 now, I have to start building my own dreams, I don’t see myself working for someone else when I am 44, I really don’t.

So I guess this was a year of code, I learned so much that sometimes I think that I could have skipped the university and maybe I would actually know way more, but here you need a title to be taken seriously. Anyways, it was fun and I met quite a lot of interesting people.

I know I am not writing as often as I wanted, but that is about to change. And my projects, I really have to organize things both at my department (there is literally circuits all over the place) and in the digital world (I have to organize my Github repo, my computer, got to upload my code, etc.)

Oh and the bad things too… I met some toxic people, but I guess we always do. You know… my favorite quote comes from the movie Flawless, and it is said by Mr. Hobbs (Michael Caine):

“There’s a remarkable world out there.”

– Mr. Hobbs (Flawless)

And indeed there is!

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