What to expect and how to prepare for Udacity's SDCND

(Most of the images are taken from Udacity’s SDCND page, all credit to them)

ROS Testing with Gitlab-CI and Slack

I am part of the WPI Team that is competing in the Space Robotics Challenge by Nasa (Credits to them for the Valkyrie image on your left) and in this small post I’ll teach you to:

Working with humanoids

Working with a humanoid robot was an awesome new experience for me.

RIoT Core 101

Este tutorial estara dedicado a la demostracion de capacidad de la plataforma RIoT, desarrollada por CodeRoad para el menejo de diversos dispotivos IoT. Todo lo explicado en este tutorial podrá ser usado para participar luego de la hackaton auspiciada por RIoT, del 6 al 8 de marzo en las instalaciones de CodeRoad.

Thoughts on 2014

So this year is almost done and I thought I would summarize it in some lines.