IMT-202: Control Theory II

Control II covers advanced topics in control theory, students were supposed to learn advanced control techniques and apply team to real non-linear systems, some of the topics covered where:

  • PID controllers and Twiddle for constants determination
  • System modeling using Euler-Lagrange and System Linearization
  • Observability and controllability for non-linear systems
  • Kalman Filters (Linear Quadratic Estimator LQE)
  • Other advanced controllers like the Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR)
  • An introduction to intelligent control like the NEAT algorithm and neural networks

All the assignments were done in c++ and sometimes Matlab was used. Taught about 30 students in third year with advanced control theory topics and also had them apply all in their final projects.

Some of the final projects students did include (click the link to access the YouTube videos of the demonstrations):

All the projects were properly documented in Github and the students learned valuable skills that will help them during their professional career and post-graduate education.

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